Customer orientation is our promise. Therefore we offer a free support hotline. In addition we offer maintenance contracts for system business projects with extended services for our customers like defined reaction times, spare part availability etc.

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The NEO R&D center is equiped with the most advanced calibration and testing equipment (Omicron, Fluke, Rohrer, etc.). Before your NEO data acquisition system is delivered, it is calibrated. Detailed calibration reports for your measurement system are included in the scope of delivery or can be requested at anytime.

It is recommended to calibrate your instrument at regular intervals. The standard norm across nearly every industry is annual calibration. In addition to extensive calibration and adjustment service we also carry out rigorous inspections that range from product functionality to sensors and accessories. This is atype of service only manufacturers can provide.

We offer the following calibration services:

  • Manufacturers Certificate: Instrument Calibration, Power Calibration, Power Quality Calibration, Current Sensor Calibration,   Banwidth Calibration up to 150kHz
  • Accredated ISO Certificate (ISO17025, AKD/ÖKD) together with our partners: Instrument Calibration, Power Calibration, Current Sensor Calibration

On-Site Calibration

All manufacturers certificates also can be issued directly on-site. This is especially useful for permanent installations or to reduce down-time.

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The total care package for your measurement instruments will cover:

  • Annual Calibration of instruments and sensors
  • Warranty Extension
  • Fast turn around times
  • On-Site or In-House Services



Neo uses proven components only which has been used for most-demanding applications all over the globe. All materials used are internationaly recognized brands which in addition will be regularly be audited.
Neo provides one of the best warranties in the business. 2 year warranty not only applys on the OEM instrument but also on sensors and accessories. This included warranty can be extended with more years and on-site warranty services.


The team of NEO Messtechnik performs any kinds of repairs to your system to assure a safe and proper operation in the future. Long-spare part availability and Upgrade options is one of our contributions to ensure low-resource usage. For information regarding service and repairs please contact your local distributor first or NEO Messtechnik directly.


While designing the user-interface of our products our goal is to make it as user friendly and intuitive as possible. Nevertheless we offer various training possibilities in addition to all documentation such as technical manuals and training manuals:

  • On-Site Training
    Perfect for groups and hands-on training directly at customers’ projet site
  • In-House Training
    Perfect for hands-on training in our lab with different DUT’s such as motors, transformers etc.
  • Remote Training
    Perfect for quick trainings or special measurement applications at remote locations

In the meantime we highly recommend to look into the NEO Power Quality Blog.

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