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CONDIS SA - Solution Partner

Power Quality Measurements in High and Extra High Voltage Networks

NEO Messtechnik and Condis SA offer a complete solution!

Wind and photovoltaic parks are more and more often connected to the high or extra high voltage grid. The installed voltage transformers are mostly capacitive and inductive devices, which are hardly usable even for frequency measurements up to 2 kHz. An overview is given in the following table published by CIGRE / CIRED for inductive voltage transformers.
(WG C4.112 Technical Brochure 596)

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But also capacitive voltage transformers cannot provide sufficient bandwidth in the majority of cases.

For this reason, Neo Messtechnik cooperates with the Swiss specialist Condis SA, which offers RC and CR dividers for high-voltage applications with large bandwidths up to 1 MHz. Voltage transients and harmonics can thus be measured with high precision.

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Future-proof measurement technology:

  • IEC CDV 61869-1 Frequency classes

  • EN 50160 parameter

  • FFT up to 500 kHz

  • Travelling wave detection Transient monitoring

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