Power Quality Management SCADA

Power Quality SCADA

  • Real Time & Historical Data
  • Multiple Visualisation
  • Automatic Report Generation (EN50160)
  • Notifications, Alarm, Email, SMS
  • Remote Meter Configuration
  • User Management tool
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PQM-SCADA is the enterprise management software for Power Quality Analyzers and Disturbance Recorders. It is an easy-to-use software solution that allows the user to visualize live-data, historical data or reports. The multi-screen capability gives the user the ability to design their own visualization screens including the use of multiple monitors.

User-management with different access and security levels is integrated, including to give your customers access to view limited data. The following picture shows the Overview & Configuration menu.

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The PQM-SCADA system can communicate with other systems and also provides data to any third party system. The User Management tool allows an unlimited number of users to be added with different access and security levels.


All visualizations are flexible and can be easily configured (parameters, colors, etc.). All graphs can be shown simultaneously.

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The powerful analysis capabilities allows for comprehensive data analysis inside the enterprise software.

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There are additional features such as alarms, notifications, emails and SMS services. All PQM and PQA meters can be configured remotely (firmware, software, configuration etc.). This powerful system monitors each device status and its fault state. The supervision overview distinguishes between two states: OK and Failed. Some of the functions available for monitoring include: ping, sw running, data storing, data in the database, etc.


Highest Precision Synchrophasor Measurement

PMU – The Phasor Measurement Unit is a device for accurate synchrophasor measurements. The measurement results are used for the online detection of the electrical grid status. This principle is based on comparing the phase angles of the fundamental harmonic measured at different points of the distribution or transmission network using several devices at synchronized points in time.
High-Accurate GPS Receiver
The meter has to be equipped by the internal/external GPS for receiving synchronous timestamps.
Additional Sensor and Range calibration
The additional sensor and measurement range calibration (see chapter PQA8000 calibration) allows for highly accurate measurement results.

IEEE C37.118
The PMU firmware measures voltage and current phasors, frequency, and calculates the positive symmetrical components of voltages and currents. The measured data is sent to the superior system according to the IEEE C37.118 communication protocol. By default, the device fully complies with the requirements of IEEE C37.118, which defines the PMU accuracy in stabilized state and a communication protocol for real-time phasor transmission.

The PQA8000 instrument offers a built-in GPS receiver together with highly-accurate voltage inputs and
– Total Vector Error 0.01% (typ.)
– Angle Accuracy 0.003° (typ.)

WAMS - Wide Area Monitoring System

Phasor angle differences between various parts of the transmission grid are an indicator of grid health and can provide early warning in the case of developing power system disturbances that can lead to grid separation known as islanding, or even blackout. The accurate measurement of the phasor angles across the grid is made possible by the use of GPS-synchronized phasor-sampling clocks. Nationwide networks of time-synchronized phasor measurement units (PMUs) are called Wide Area Monitoring Systems (WAMS).

The main features of the WAMS systems are the visualization and monitoring of phasors , islanding detection, resynchronization and black start detection, oscillations detection, stability and voltage monitoring. The results can also be passed to SCADA or other systems.

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Meter input modules are designed to measure one 3-phase voltage and multiple 3-phase current systems. The intention of this meter is typically to monitor the distribution transformer powering multiple output feeders. The functionality of multi-feeder-monitors is similar to a PQ meter, with the possibility of measuring up to 10x the number of 3-phase feeders in total. The multi-feeder-monitor also provides detailed information about the power and energy consumption of each feeder

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NEO Power Quality Monitors


Accuracy:      0.1%
Sampling:     16 kS/s or 32 kS/s
Resolution:  24bit
Safety:            CAT IV 600V

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Accuracy:      0.05%
Sampling:     124 kS/s
Resolution:  24bit
Safety:            CAT IV 600V

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