Power Quality Instruments

Designed for You

Power Quality Analysis and Monitoring solutions should reflect the customer’s understanding and make life easier for power grid applications of today. Depending on your specific field of application, NEO Messtechnik offers you the proper analysing and monitoring solutions.

Our great strengths are in supplying complete and reliable measurement systems that are easy-to-use. This includes mobile PQ Analyser with multi-touch display and 4 hours of mobile operation as well as monitoring solutions with up to 48 channels, 144kS/s and 24 bit resolution. Beyond that, intuitive software simplifies the analysis, report generation and data exports by working in the cloud.

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PQA 8000

All-In-One. 1MS/s. Multi-Touch. 4 hours mobile operation. The reference instrument on the market.

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PQA 7000

The compact power house. 48 kS/s. 24 bit. High-frequency current measurements up to 20 kHz.

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PQM 100

Highly accurate. Modular architecture. Hybrid data storage. Powerful Monitor.

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PQM 200

Up to 48 channels. Remote Configuration. Much more than just a PQ Monitor.

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Current Clamps

Rogowski coils. AC/DC Hall clamps. Zero Flux Transducers.

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Voltage Measurements

Cables. Adapters. High Voltage Dividers and more.

Power Quality SCADA

The enterprise software for controlling up to thousands of PQ monitors