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We offer wide-ranging measurement services. Our services include:

  • Support installation of measurement instruments
  • Renting of measurement instruments (see Rental options)
  • Measurement including data analysis and report


We are happy to support you for any measurement application.
Find application examples at the application overview menu.

Voltage, Current, Power, Power Quality, Impedance, Resistance, Isolation,
Grouding,  etc.

Acceleration, Strain Gage, Speed, Torque, Vibration, etc.

Temperature, GPS, Video (high-speed, thermal),  Data via Interfaces (RS232, CAN, Ethercat, etc.)

Photovoltaic Park Inspection

The unique of the PV-Master product line allows fast and powerful investigation of PV parks. As measurement service provider our customers benefit of getting a detailed picture of their PV park. Even if PV parks are known to be robust with low ageing problems might already appear at comissioning stage. The final report shows in detail which performance the PV park should have and what it actually delivers.

Benefits of NEO PV park measurement service:

  • Detection of defects (by-pass diode broken, cell crack, hotspots, etc.)
  • Detection of power-reducing factors (shading, soiling, etc.)
  • Detection of Mismatch losses (this is only possible using Multi-curve IV tracing)
  • Power Performance report showing estimated power and real power
  • String-by-String Report
  • Distance-to-Fault detection for Ground faults
  • Improvement suggestion list

Optionally we offer combined IV-curve inspection and thermal inspection. Even if IV-curve method can detect most kind of problems, the exact detection of hotspots is favourable using thermal imaging technology. For detection of micro-cracks we offer optionally offer mobile electroluminescence for single modules.

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Power Quality Analysis

20years+ experience in Power Quality measurements together with offering high-end PQ products allows us to offer comprehensive power quality services to our customers.

Scope of NEO PQ measurement services:

  • Power Quality Analysis
  • EN50160 / IEEE519
  • Supraharmonics
  • Resonances
  • Grid Impedance to 150 kHz
  • Grid Impedance to 500 kHz
  • Transients and Disturbances
  • Raw Data Recording
  • FFT Analysis
  • Harmonics, THD, TDD, Interharmonics
  • DC components for voltage and current
  • Short-Circuit Power
  • Isolation
  • Grounding

Exemplary Use-Cases:

  • Outages of production lines
  • Overvoltages due to system resonances
  • Inverter resonances
  • Overheating of electrical devices
  • Malfunction of devices due to switching operation and voltage dips
  • Malfunction of devices due to Supraharmonics
  • High harmonic emissions and limit violation due to resonance points
  • Outages of railway heating systems
  • and a lot more…


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System Integration

With our vast experience in the test & measurement market and our expertise for different appliations and software programs we would be happy to support your next measurement project in the field or lab. We can integrate exisiting hardware as well as provide guidance in choosing the best hardware on market to fit your needs.


We can provide turnkey solution for your project. After discussing the requirements, we will create a specification book including plans (circuit plan, item list, etc.) and schematics. After approval you will receive your turnkey measurement solution.
One example is shown in the picture. In addition to the measurement instrument, other electrical equipment such as power supply, protection, wiring etc. is provided in a cabinet.

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We offer rental services for different types of measurment and testing equipment.

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Measurement Instruments:

Power Analysers
Power Quality Analysers
FFT Analysers
Data Logger
Frequency Generators
Installation Tester
Grounding Resistance Meter


Current Sensors
Voltage Dividers, Transformers
Measurement Adapters
Extension Cables
Power Supplies & Battery Packs
Ruggedized Measurement Computer
and a lot more


The NEO R&D center is equiped with the most advanced calibration and testing equipment (Omicron, Fluke, Rohrer, etc.). Before your NEO data acquisition system is delivered, it is calibrated. Detailed calibration reports for your measurement system are included in the scope of delivery or can be requested at anytime.

It is recommended to calibrate your instrument at regular intervals. The standard norm across nearly every industry is annual calibration. In addition to extensive calibration and adjustment service we also carry out rigorous inspections that range from product functionality to sensors and accessories. This is atype of service only manufacturers can provide.

We offer the following calibration services:

  • Manufacturers Certificate: Instrument Calibration, Power Calibration, Power Quality Calibration, Current Sensor Calibration,   Banwidth Calibration up to 150kHz
  • Accredated ISO Certificate (ISO17025, AKD/ÖKD) together with our partners: Instrument Calibration, Power Calibration, Current Sensor Calibration

On-Site Calibration

All manufacturers certificates also can be issued directly on-site. This is especially useful for permanent installations or to reduce down-time.

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The total care package for your measurement instruments will cover:

  • Annual Calibration of instruments and sensors
  • Warranty Extension
  • Fast turn around times
  • On-Site or In-House Services



Neo uses proven components only which has been used for most-demanding applications all over the globe. All materials used are internationaly recognized brands which in addition will be regularly be audited.
Neo provides one of the best warranties in the business. 2 year warranty not only applys on the OEM instrument but also on sensors and accessories. This included warranty can be extended with more years and on-site warranty services.


The team of NEO Messtechnik performs any kinds of repairs to your system to assure a safe and proper operation in the future. Long-spare part availability and Upgrade options is one of our contributions to ensure low-resource usage. For information regarding service and repairs please contact your local distributor first or NEO Messtechnik directly.

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