Power Instruments

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Our great strengths are in supplying complete and reliable measurement systems that are easy-to-use. This includes mobile PV inspection instruments (PV Master), mobile PQ Analyser with multi-touch display  as well as monitoring solutions. Beyond that, intuitive software simplifies the analysis, report generation and data exports by working in the cloud.

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PQA 8000

All-In-One. 1MS/s. Multi-Touch. 4 hours mobile operation. The reference instrument on the market.

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PQA 7000

The compact power house. 48 kS/s. 24 bit. High-frequency current measurements up to 20 kHz.


Resonance detection, grid code verification and power line communication.

PV Master 10

World’s best mobile PV Inspection instrument. Simulatenous IV-curve tracing of up to 20 Strings

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Power Quality SCADA

The enterprise software for controlling up to thousands of PQ monitors

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PV Master 70

All-in-one PV Inspection instrument. Simulatenous IV-curve tracing of 20 Strings

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PQM 100

Highly accurate. Modular architecture. Hybrid data storage. Powerful Monitor.

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PV Master 80

World’s best stationary IV-Curve Tracer with up to 24 channels

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PQM 200

Up to 48 channels. Remote Configuration. Much more than just a PQ Monitor.

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Voltage Measurements

Cables. Adapters. High Voltage Dividers and more.

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Current Clamps

Rogowski coils. AC/DC Hall clamps. Zero Flux Transducers.

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